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When I decided to get my own blog, the obvious point to start from was to get hosting and register a domain. You have to register a domain. It’s your blog URL. Deciding who you’re going to use for your hosting is trickier though. Oh, just so by the way, most hosting companies can also do domain registration for you.

There’s this big hype about this company being so great and that company being so great. But for me it’s always going to be about not just customer service, but great customer service, and that personal touch. With my level of impatience, customer service is a BIG, must. And the ability to get an answer like, NOW!

I checked out all the big ones: GoDaddy; AWeber: Afrihost; Bluehost; Hostgator; etc. And, while I didn’t find too many things that bothered me about the bove mentioned companies, they just didn’t have that WOW factor for me. I wanted a company that was not just able to offer me all the great technological aspects that go with having a blog, but that was also affordable and willing and able to assist me when I needed help. Not tomorrow or in an hour. But now.

Being able to chat to their support team was a big deciding factor. Or shall I say being able to chat to someone and not having to wait ten minutes for an answer. I like feeling special and being looked after 🙂 So I started looking closer to home (which is beautiful Cape Town, South Africa).

And I discovered Ample Hosting. It’s a South African based company and I can truly say in my opinion they are better than any of the above mentioned companies. I think the fact that they are not so huge as the above mentioned companies is most probably not a bad thing.

That means that they don’t have such overwhelming amounts of customers to take care of as the rest. So I did all my due diligence to make sure they were the best choice, and I joined up with them.

WOW! Their customer service blew me away. is huge! I mean they are the biggest online retailer in the world! And initially I started my blog in order to be an affiliate for Amazon. So, after many frustrating attempts to get onto their chat line, I eventually got through to them and started asking questions and finding out about this and that.

And I asked them some advice regarding doing something on my blog. Their answer to me was that they are not website designers so, I should get help from somewhere else. Needless to say, I was not impressed!

Starting a blog with as little knowledge as I had of where and what and how and when, was a very daunting task indeed! I actually didn’t know where to begin after I downloaded and installed everything that makes a blog operational. So I got on the chat line with Ample Hosting, with a very short waiting time, and they blew my mind away with the brilliant level of customer service I got from them.

Even though they are just a hosting company, they assisted me with everything and every problem and every question I had about how to do this and how to do that! And if they didn’t know, they found out for me. They were truly awesome! They impressed me…and that does not happen often!

If it wasn’t for their great level of customer service and support, I would’ve given up very shortly after I started my blog. So a big up and thank you very much for your great service to all the customer support guys at Ample Hosting! You guys rock!

Click here to check out their website, their great services and their very competitive fees.

NB: I found this quite amusing. When I checked out their “About us” section, there was this note: “Thousands of happy customers! One miserable; but we’re working very hard to make him happy again! :)” LOL


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