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Builderall Is the Smart And Complete System To Generate Sales Every Day. The Ultimate Easy To Use Internet Marketing Platform to Skyrocket Your Business Online.




All builders you will ever need to CREATE

Finally, an easy-to-use tool to create unlimited, beautiful, and conversion focused pages. Easily build powerful and SEO-Optimized Websites, Blogs, Capture Pages, Membership Sites, Sales Funnels, Videos, Mockups, Mobile Apps, and much more.

All tools you need to AUTOMATE

The only marketing automation tool you’ll need to convert your leads into loyal customers. Capture leads and engage with your audience with personalized flows, triggers, actions, unlimited emails, and a sky-high delivery rate.

Ready-to-go funnels, so you can SELL MORE

Nurture your leads, increase your conversion rates, track your performance, and encourage your customers to buy more. By combining all the forces of our tools and Building Professional Sales Funnels in minutes, we’ve got your back, and you can focus on increasing your sales!

Builderall Has The Right Solution For Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur?

With our smart designs you will not need to rely on outsourced labor to boost conversions and grow your online business. Just select from hundreds of our mobile friendly websites, sales funnels, lead capturing tools, Facebook integration, videos, and much more… and give the exposure your business deserves. 

All Tools You Need In One Dashboard

Skyrocket your online business sales with the most complete Smart Platform you’ll ever know

  • Drag & Drop Site Builder

HTML5 Drag & Drop incredibly intuitive site builder to create any page you need from thousands of beautiful and powerful templates.

  • Email Marketing Platform

Yes, you can upload your list, up to 10,000 subscribers! Develop autoresponder campaigns, apply behavioral triggers, and boost your conversions.

  • Responsive Website/Blog Builder

Create the search optimized sites or squeeze pages that your business needs to sell more through any devices, in just minutes.

  • Animated Videos Creator

Your customers will be mesmerized by the unlimited amount of animated videos you’ll create with our animation tool. Download them and publish to your YouTube channel or Facebook page.

  • Floating Videos Creator

Impress your visitors and boost your authority delivery powerful messages in a unique way. Be careful, because the floating videos are highly addictive!

  • Design Studio Mockups

Boost your conversions and social media interactions with incredible e-book covers, info products, and mockups built by our exclusive Design Studio Feature.

  • Presentation Builder

Increase your brand authority with thousands of professional and eye-catching presentations. You can craft an interactive way of communicating with your visitors and integrate it into your website.

  • SEO On-Page Report Tool

Get the power of SEO on your website pages with all the information you need to make your page as SEO-perfect as possible, and boost your visits.

  • Facebook Integrations APPs

Capture and nurture leads with notifications, intelligent posts, and apps that integrate into Facebook Pages. Build strong relationships with your leads and customers!

  • Browser Notification

Instantly inform your leads and customers of an event, promotion, or offer! Efficiently develop relationships with Browser Notifications that they can see while they are online!

  • Lead Capture Tools

Boost your marketing strategy efficiently capturing leads with Facebook logins, email forms, smart opt-ins, and much more.

  • Click/Heat Map

Understand the most clicked areas of your website or blog and strategically place your call-to-action buttons to increase your conversions.

Better Websites, Smarter Funnels & Awesome Results! 

Successful Professionals Always Have The Best Tools…

…And now you can have all the tools you need to build a succesful online business in one dashboard for one low price…

Now, That’s Smart!

HTML5 (Drag & Drop) Site Builder

Stop suffering trying to learn advanced web design tools and programming. With the HTML5 Drag & Drop incredibly intuitive site builder, you’ll be able to create by yourself any page you need from thousands of beautiful and powerful templates.

10,000 Subscriber Professional Email Marketing Platform

Don’t worry if you already use another complicated and expensive tool. Because yes, you can upload your own list, up to 10,000 subscribers! You’ll be able to develop unlimited autoresponder campaigns, apply behavioral triggers, and boost your conversions.

Responsive Website/Blog Builder

Your customers are becoming more and more mobile. Before hassling to hire someone to build a mobile website for you, check out our Responsive Builder! Create the search optimized sites or squeeze pages that your business needs to sell more through any devices, in just minutes.

Animated Videos Creator

Forget the hefty price tag of buying a video editing software and the long learning curve you would face trying to figure it out. With our animation tool, you’ll mesmerize your customers with an unlimited amount of videos. After creating the videos in a few minutes, just download them and publish to your YouTube channel or Facebook Page.

Floating Videos Creator

Do you know those cool floating videos? You probably wonder if they’re complicated, right? Well, it’s easier than you think. Just record your message standing in front of a green screen, upload it to our Floating Videos Creator and watch the magic happen! You’ll impress your visitors and boost your authority delivering powerful messages in a unique way.

Design Studio Mockups

Imagine something simple that gives an enormous value to anything presented. That’s a design mockup! Instead of spending hours using a photo editing app to create mockups, you can do this in just a few seconds in our Design Studio. Seriously, just upload the image, and the tool will make it look perfect! You’ll wow your customers and boost your conversions!

Presentation Builder

You probably know a lot of presentation tools, right? Do any of them allows you to build presentations where you can edit the CSS or easily embed it anywhere in your website or blog? If you need to create an interactive way of communicating with your visitors and integrate it into your website, we have the ideal tool that does it all, the Presentation Builder.

SEO On Page Report Tool

You buy a costly yet fancy website, and when you look for it on the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), no sign of it for weeks or even months. Anyone relates to that? Well, that’s what happens when SEO is not a priority. Our SEO On Page report tool will give you all the information you need to make your page as SEO-perfect as possible to boost your visits.

Facebook Integration

Is there a way to optimize the relationship with all the people who like or follow your company on Facebook? Yes, and there is more! You can capture and nurture leads with notifications, intelligent posts, and apps that integrate into Facebook Pages. Build strong relationships with your leads and customers!

Browser Notifications

There is a very effective way to develop a strong relationship with your leads and customers, and it’s called Browser Notifications. If they authorize you to send them notifications, they’ll see a pop-up even if they’re not on your website! Whenever you launch promotions, an exclusive offer, or an event, your visitors can be notified right away!

Lead Capture Tools

If your goal is to have a complete and powerful digital marketing strategy, the lead capturing tools must all be connected. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! You can focus on boosting your marketing strategy by efficiently capturing leads with Facebook logins, email forms, smart opt-ins, and more.

Click/Heat Map Tool

Being able to know which strategies and designs work best for your website or blog is sure something that comes in handy. With the Click/Heat Map, you’ll easily understand the most clicked areas of your website or blog and strategically place your call-to-action buttons to boost your sales!

iOS/Android App Creator

If creating a mobile app to offer products and services was something that never even crossed your mind because of the high costs, it’s time to reevaluate this idea. You can easily create apps for iOS and Android in our App Creator, and bring your business direct to the hands of thousands of users.


  1. Choose your template or Sales Funnel
  2. Customize it with your information or Products
  3. Connect your domain and publish

More Design Tools

  • More than 1,000 Professional Templates
  • Parallax Effect
  • Scroll Animation
  • Group Hover
  • Effects Image Galleries
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Unlimited Layouts Per Website
  • Easy-to-Duplicate Pages
  • Intuitive Builders
  • Create Optimized Versions For Mobile Devices
  • Personalized Font Pattern
  • Hundreds of Styles For Your Menus And Buttons
  • Social Media Plugins
  • External HTML Code
  • Shopify Integration
  • Intelligent And Personalized Forms
  • Create Mockups With Builderall Design Studio
  • Create Animated And Sales Videos in Minutes
  • Exclusive Floating Video Tool
  • Multiple Effects For Page Transitions
  • Icon, Image, Arrow And GIF Galleries
  • Integrated Image Editor And Filters
  • FADE OUT Effect For Texts And Elements on Banners
  • Predefined Elements And Form Blocks

Digital Marketing & Automation Tools

  • Ready-to-Edit Sales Funnel Blueprints
  • Smart Opt-Ins (1-Click Signup)
  • Two Step Opt-In With Pop-Ups
  • Opt-In With Facebook (Login with Facebook)
  • Facebook App Notifications
  • Integrated A/B Test Tool (Split Test)
  • Exclusive “Secondary Action” Tool
  • Exclusive Automatic Page Variation
  • Members Area With Multiple Levels of Access
  • Professional Email Marketing Integrated With Site Builder
  • Segment Lists by Tags And Behavior
  • Automated Campaigns by Tags
  • Unlimited Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Email Performance Reports
  • Multiple Options For Lead Capture Strategies
  • Countdown And Evergreen Timers
  • Timers and Animations for Scarcity
  • Entrance Pop-Ups, Exit Pop-Ups And Timed Pop-Ups
  • Action Score And Lead Score
  • Upsell in One Click
  • App Constructor
  • Checkout Page With Upsell And Conditional Offer
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Browser Notifications Tool

You are Going to Love

  • Drag & Drop Email Builder
  • High-Performance Hosting
  • Connect Unlimited Domains
  • Create Unlimited Subdomains
  • Create Email Accounts With Your Own Domain
  • Manage Emails Via Web
  • Unlimited Access And Visitors (Unlimited Bandwidth)
  • Advanced SEO Configuration in Each of Your Pages
  • Configure The Languages of 3rd Party Apps Within Your Website
  • Unlimited Browser Notifications For Lead Capture
  • Unlimited Floating Video Editor Compatible With Any Platform
  • Detailed SEO Tool (On-Page Report)
  • Unlimited Website Transfers Between Platform Users
  • Complete App Creator For iOS And Android
  • Interactive Presentation Tool
  • Hundreds of Tutorial Videos
  • Interactive Presentation Tool
  • Dozens of Short Classes And Quick Tips
  • Online Chat And Email Customer Support
  • Road Map System For Prioritizing The Development of New Tools
  • Members Area With User Management
  • App Push Notifications

Structure And Security

  • Hosted on Dedicated, High-Performance And Professional Servers
  • Virtual Hosting For Images And Videos For Better Website Performance
  • Automated And Intelligent Backup System
  • Website Cache System For Time And Loading Optimization
  • Exclusive Email System That Can Send up to 10,000,000 Emails Per Hour
  • URL-Friendly System And SEO Optimization For Better Indexing on Search Engines
  • Unlimited Visits, Access, And Transference of Data, Including Archives And Downloads from your Website
  • Dedicated Team of Programmers Constantly Developing New Tools And Updating Features
  • Dedicated Customer Support And Product Management Team
  • 2 TIER Franchise System With Great Earning Potential


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Explaindio software is an evergreen product with 

amazing conversion and great users  reviews.

 Explaindio 3 is the world’s most powerful,

easiest to use, animated marketing and sales

video creator  with the highest engaging scene templates.



Make Amazing Professional 2D & 3D Animated, Doodle Sketch, and Motion Videos in Minutes

Easy & Intuitive

Just pick the object & action from library, and combine them with your own videos, images, and audio.

Match Your Message to a Style

2D & 3DAnimated, Doodle Sketch, Whiteboard, and Full Motion Videos with custom eye-catching transitions & on-screen effects.

Unlimited Commercial Use Available

Get commercial license option to create videos also for your clients.

Video is an online reflection of your business and visitors judge your business based on experience from watching your video

Video has become the most powerful way for businesses and marketers to sell & engage with their target audiences online.

But this is not just about having a video.

Video is an online reflection of your business and visitors judge your business based on experience from watching your video.

All it takes for your visitor to turn away from your website forever is a bad first impression caused by a non-appealing video.

Instantly grabbing visitor’s attention, engaging them, and building trust are the key factors of a powerful video

Marketers, advertisers, trainers, and communicators from businesses both small and large all want to use more motion, animation, or doodle videos to attract and keep viewer’s attention, as well as to pass on their message in a powerful and effective way.

Unfortunately, without the right tool, such content is difficult to create.

It requires graphical and programming expertise, or, if you outsource it, it could cost $10,000 for a 5-minute video.

The only video content creation software that allows you to combine 2D & 3D animations, whiteboard sketch elements, and full motion video

This is the only video content creation software that does all this, and it can literally send your conversion soaring sky-high.

After supporting tens of thousand of video creators, we have discovered that videos which combine animation, whiteboard sketch and full motion video have the biggest impact on the viewer’s attention and engagement.

Not cloud-based = Freedom

Explaindio is about freedom.

It is not cloud-based, so you have all you need right at your computer without the need of persistent internet connection.

You will never have to worry about slow server rendering times and your project sitting in a long processing queue, or being affected by slow internet connection or its complete lack.

With Explaindio even complete beginners can create professional quality

You do not need any video production experience to use Explaindio.

Creating high quality, stand out video has never been this simple.

Explaindio allows anyone, no matter what their experience level, to create professional appealing videos.

Tweak video ads for better conversions

Looking to quickly change your video ads to tweak them for better conversions?

Explaindio gives you that flexibility and freedom to do changes very quickly as well.

There is currently no more affordable video content creator with this much flexibility.

More Profits In A Shorter Amount Of Time

Explaindio makes it possible to create attention-grabbing, professional-looking, marketing, advertising, and explainer videos in just minutes.

That translates to more profits, in a shorter amount of time, without production cost, which could run up to ten of thousands of dollars, and without waiting for weeks or months to have the video produced.

Explaindio Ends Outrageous Costs And Long Production Times

Historically those outrageous costs and long production times have led entrepreneurs or even bigger businesses to either abandon or significantly limit their video promotions.

It all changes with Explaindio.

Now marketers, advertisers, trainers and communicators from businesses both small and large can use more videos to pass on their message, without the previous restraints.

Just a few new Explaindio 3.0 features:

  • Multiple Animations At The Same Time
  • Full Multi-Timeline Editing
  • Full 3D Animations
  • Import Of External 3D Elements
  • 3D Models And Animation Customization
  • 180+ Pre-Made Text Animation
  • 140+ Pre-Made Video, Image, Doodle Objects Animations
  • Easy Video Creation Wizard
  • Keyframe Animation
  • New Built-In Transitions
  • Import Videos In Most Popular Format Like AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, And MP4
  • Youzign And Pixabay Integration

Explaindio commercial license allows you to sell produced videos to your clients.

Businesses, marketers, and entrepreneurs, all could pay $10,000* for 5 minute of the same type of video which you can make with Explaindio very fast.

Explaindio commercial license allows you to cash on the fact that almost none of businesses have in-house animation, whiteboard sketch, and motion video content creator, and instead they hire freelancers and pay for their service.

It means, that with Explaindio in your toolbox, you could get $10,000* for 5 minute video over and over again.

* sample price, you set you own prices.

Join Tens Of Thousands Of Creators, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, And Businesses Who Are Already Using Explaindio

We are an established market leader of do-it-yourself rapid business video content production.

Tens of thousands of creators, marketers, entrepreneurs, and businesses are already using our Explaindio software with more joining every day.

We have really taken the explainer, marketing, and advertisement video to the next level with this software.

We are really excited what you can achieve with it as well.

What YOU GET When You Get Started Today With Explaindio Video Creator Software:

Explaindio Video Creator Software

The #1 Animation, Doodle Sketch, and Motion Video Creation Software. Compatible with both Windows and Mac

Access to Explaindio Closed Facebook Group

It allows you to join vibrant community of thousands video creators, bring your video creation skills to the next level, and get feedback for your videos

200 Pre-Done Animated Scenes

All scenes are customizable with your content like text, image, videos, colors, and more

800 Doodle Sketch Images

Library includes both black line and color images

100 Full HD Background Videos

Animated motions background video to make your videos richer

Background Audio Tracks

Background music audio tracks to get you started

300 Stock images

Images you can use as featured or as background

300+ Font

Those fonts are to get you started. You can import any font

6 Animated Characters

Each character comes with a set of animations

Video Tutorials

Easy to follow tutorials how to use the software more effective way


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